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It's been a long hike to the top, but the view keeps improving every step I take.


It all started while...

pursuing a psychology degree, I became intrigued with the science and philosophy of yoga and the effects that movement and meditation had on healing the body, mind and spirit. I attended the White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA in 2002 and has attended several workshops and teacher trainings with Shiva Rea, Desiree Raumbaugh, Tias Little and Rolf Gates.

To bring depth to my teaching and improve her own practice, I studied Thai yoga massage and the techniques and principles of Pilates.  Pilates awakened my yoga practice, giving me the tools to connect more deeply with her body, bringing more freedom of movement and finding more inner strength. 

 Course I (Mat Certification), Course II (Beginning-intermediate Equipment Certification) and Course III (Advanced Mat and Equipment) with Collette Stewart of Movement Insights.

I've developed teaching style that is eclectic and reflects the influence and respect of all my great teachers and students. My knowledge of human anatomy, genuine love of Pilates and yoga, and my free spirit make teaching a scientific method playful and fun.